Repair Centre

At Gamidor we understand that no one solution fits all and that flexibility is critical to successful outsourcing partnerships. Complementary to our in-field services, we also offer our maintenance & repair services from our custom-built repair centre in Oxfordshire.

For devices which can be shipped easily, the repair centre offers a cost effective alternative to field service. Equipment sent to us for repair is turned around rapidly and tracked during shipping in order to provide safe and reliable delivery to the end-user.

Our repair centre is staffed by highly skilled and experienced technicians, who work on a wide range of biomedical devices. Activities performed in the repair centre include preventative maintenance, repairs, pre-installation inspections and customer training.

If you are considering using Gamidor to outsource part of your technical service capability, come and see us for yourselves. We encourage guests to visit and inspect our facilities in Didcot and welcome perspective customers to come and audit us against your own exacting standards.

Gamidor offer the following repair services:

  • Technical Services
  • Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Specialist Quarantine Areas
  • Pre-installation Checks
  • Loan Equipment
  • Warranty Repairs
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Post Loan Inspections