Gamidor Engineers Continue Work for NHS during Coronavirus

Here at Gamidor Technical Services LTD we continue to stand by the NHS as our highly skilled Field Service Engineers work relentlessly to deliver high quality Medical Equipment Servicing.  We strive to support NHS hospitals with high quality, reliable, ISO 9001: 2015 standardised Medical Equipment Servicing whilst Hospitals continue to fight against Coronavirus.

Cook Capital Equipment partners with Gamidor

We are pleased to announce that Gamidor have been chosen for continuous servicing support for ‘Cook Capital Equipment’ in the UK.  ‘Cook Capital Equipment’ will enable a single point of care for customers, whilst Gamidor continue to provide servicing support for their line of UK medical equipment.


Gamidor launches new website

We are really excited to launch our new look website. The new simplified structure will allow users to quickly find the information they need and to easily contact us. If you are looking for support for your medical device, please get in touch


  • How Texas Medical Center Accelerates Medtech: Interview with Tom Luby, Director of TMC Innovation
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    Walk around the city-like campus of Texas Medical Center (TMC), and you might find it hard to picture the bootstrapped, garage-like digs that one associates with startup companies. But on the eastern edge of the sprawling complex in a former Nabisco cookie factory, TMC has set up the Innovation Institute for these types of ventures. […]

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  • Boston Sci’s DIRECTSENSE Ablation Monitoring Tech Coming to U.S.
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    Boston Scientific is releasing in the United States its DIRECTSENSE Technology for live monitoring of cardiac tissue during radiofrequency ablation procedures. The capability is designed for use on the company’s RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping System along with the INTELLANAV MiFi Open-Irrigated ablation catheter and it works by measuring the change in electrical impedance of the tissue […]