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Relevant Technical Experience

The following information provides you with a brief overview of some of the fields, organisations, and equipment where we gained our experience.

This information regularly changes and up to date information can be provided on request.


Spring TMS Migraine Therapy System


Laser Therapy Systems


Hazardous Waste Disposal Systems.


Diagnostic Ultrasound. Linear, Sector & Compound Scanners.

Trinity Amelung:

Manual coagulometers (KC1, KC4, KC10 Deltas) Automated 40 Channel Coagulometer (KC40) Amax 400, Amax 200 & Amax 190, Amax 100 (Destiny). *

Beckton Dickinson:

QBC Haemoscan & Malaria Systems.

Baxter Healthcare:

Diagnostics: Therapeutic Drug Monitors, Cell Washers, Centrifuges, Microscan Analyser.
Dialysis: Haemodialysis, CAPD, (Hospital & Home Patients).
Blood Therapy: Autopherisis, Cell Separation, Blood Warmers, RF Tube Sealers, Platelet Agitators/Rotators.
I.V. Therapy: Infusion Pumps, Syringe Pumps, Parenteral Nutrition Devices, Automatic Tablet Counter.
Critical Care: Light Sources, Endoscopes.


Tango & Optimo Blood Grouping Serology Analysers, Quick Step, BioTest Washer. *


Sampler II. Card Reader. Centrifuges. Cell Washers. Compact. Sampler IIF (Diana).

Cook Women’s Health:

Invitro Fertilization Incubators & Pump Equipment. *


Histology Tissue Staining Processors.


Patient Monitoring, Heart Rate, PO2, Apnoea, Diathermy.


Automated Coagulometers (1000C, 900C, 800C, 700C).


Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanners (all disciplines). *

Mentor Ltd:

Janus Uro-Dynamic Systems. *

Sigma Diagnostics:

Labo-Tech Immunology Analyser Amelung KC1a, KC4a, KC10a, Amax 190 & Amax 400.

Fresenius Kabi:

Compomat Cell Separators, Mobilea, Duet & Universal RF Tube Sealers, Compodocker, Compoguard Blood Collection System & Cell Separators, ComTech, Infusion & Syringe Pumps.*

Axis Shield:

Nycomed 1, 2 & 4 Channel Thrombotrack Devices & Tek-TIME. (Formally Organon Technika), Vitros DT60 Biochemistry Analyser *

Primus Corporation:

Glycated Haemoglobin Analysers. (Gilson & Hewlett Packard)


ETI-Lab, ETI-Max 3000, Liaison, Copalis.

The Binding Site:

Dynex DSX Analyser *

Beckman Coulter:

AcT Cell Counter Range *

Dupont Qualicon™:

Riboprinter (DNA based analyser for identification& characterisation of bacteria for R&D, QA & Food Processing). *

Dade / Behring:

Biochemistry, Dimension AR, XL & RXL, Cell Washers & Centrifuges.


PapNet Cytology Neural Net Robotic Scanners & Review Stations. (Neuromedical Systems Inc.)


Immunoassay & Microbiology Systems.


Thin layer slide preparation. T2000 & T3000.

Vision BioSystems:

Tissue Stainer (Bond) & Tissue Processor.

Medical Solutions:

Tripath Prepstain & Prepmate Cytology Screening. *

Cook Urology:

Convergent Urology Laser Device. *

Reliant / Solta Thermage:

Fraxel Laser & CO2 Skin Repair Systems. *

Miltenyi Biotechnology:

AutoMacs & CliniMacs Cell Separation Systems. *


Celeron Haematology Analyser, Thrombostat Coagulometer. *


Infusion Pumps, *

Relevant Technical Experience