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Gamida for Life

The company forms part of the international Gamida for Life Group, which is privately-owned and dedicated to the healthcare field. The principal holding company is Gamida for Life BV of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In France, Gamida SA and its subsidiaries are engaged in the development and production of medical equipment and devices for sale in both the home market and abroad, as well as in the distribution in France of products from international suppliers.

In Israel, the Group's interests are more diverse. Medical equipment and devices, as well as pharmaceutical products, are distributed by Gamida-MedEquip Ltd, which also offers a specialized supply service to industrial critical environments. Danyel Biotech Ltd. distributes biotechnological products to research laboratories. Through GamidaGen Ltd. and GamidaSense Diagnostics Ltd, the latter being a joint venture with the principal scientists involved, the Group is engaged in the research, development, production and sale of diagnostic products. Volcano Ltd. has recently been established to develop and exploit technology in the same field. Gamida for Life BV is also the founding shareholder of Gamida Cell Ltd, which is developing new techniques for cell and gene therapy.

Healthcare researches, develops and produces in vitro diagnostic tests for sale worldwide under the SAVYON name. Healthcare has acquired two of the Group's major Israeli operations: Gamidor Ltd, which distributes product lines for research and industrial laboratories, and Gamidor Diagnostics, which supplies systems, instruments and reagents to clinical laboratories. It has also promoted a number of start-up research and development ventures, such as Glycodata Ltd. in the field of glycobiology.

Elsewhere, the Group's interests include distribution houses under the Gamidor name in Bulgaria and Turkey.

In addition, through Gamida for Life (Israel) Ltd, the Group is engaged in the development and dissemination of a range of educational tools for businesses, institutions and individuals in both Israel and the Palestinian autonomy.

Whenever needed, the Company is able to draw upon the knowledge and skills of colleagues throughout the Group, with whom close contact is maintained.

Gamida For Life 50th Anniversary